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About Us


¿Who we are?

Our Porters climbing down in a climbing tourEnjoy Huayhuash, was founded in Pocpa, a village in Cordillera Huayhuash en 2007, by the members of Callupe family, who have been working as Guides and mountain Assistants in Cordillera Huayhuash. We who make up Enjoy Huayhuash E.I.R.L. we are glad to offer our services in adventure travel in Cordilleras Huayhuash and Blanca, organizing and providing logistical support in trekking and mountaineering tours.
We are a Travel Agency with a great experience and a deep knowledge of the Andean mountains, because many times we have been there guiding and showing the beauties of the Cordilleras to many tourists of the entire world.
The programs we offer are oriented to those people who like to have fun of the experience to live together to the nature and who want to display all their enthusiasm in the Andean highlands, mountains like: Yerupaja, Huascaran and the other mountains in the Cordilleras Huayhuash and Blanca.
Our main goal in to guarantee the maximum security and trust, in this way all our clients can enjoy of the different proposals of adventure tours that we offer and they can convert his/her trekking or mountaineering tour in an unforgettable experience.
 Enjoy Huayhuash’s team is formed by well trained and professional workers, bilingual personnel, excellent hotels and transport service (according the place), good camping and mountaineering equipment, suitable food for each group and expedition, well designed itineraries, all these thinking in the comfort of our clients.
We are ready to give you a hand and help you in all what you consider necessary for the organization of your trekking and mountaineering tours in the Cordilleras Huayhuash and Blanca.
If you want more information about our services don’t hesitate to contact us, we will happy to assist you.


Guides and Staff


All our Guides have great experience because they have guiding in the Cordilleras for many years, they speak more than two languages, and also they have enough theorical and technical knowledge of his/her work.
Most of our Guides are locals and their principal feature is his/her disposition to help always to the clients, guaranteeing the success of the expedition in a trekking and climbing tour.


As our Porters we have really good persons, with a great experience and with a constant training in mountaineering techniques as well as setting up campsites, cook,  first aid and the correct way to transfer the equipment in the trekking and climbing expeditions.


Horsemen (Arrieros)

This work is carried by the Andean man, in his own land. In our company the Arriero is not only the person, who takes the pack animals with their loads from one campsite to another one, he is indispensable for his knowledge to transfer all the equipment and food from one campsite to another, setting up the campsites and also He is support personnel in all the areas by his experience.


All our camping equipment are of good quality special for trekking and climbing tours. Two-people tents against wind, snow and rain, dinning tent with camping tables and chairs, toilet tents, first aid kit, satellite phones, these and other items make that  our expeditions  keep a high level and security.
We put to the disposal of our clients the best quality in camping and mountaineering to guarantee a good service in our expeditions.


Our services

Enjoy Huayhuash  organizes  trekking and climbing tours in the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash, the program we offer are carefully designed. Our itineraries are properly complemeted with acclimatization tours and with the recommendations of specialists. If you don’t have experience in adventure travel, also we organize different activities in adventure tourism, activities such as: rock climbing, mountain bike, ecotourism, vivencial tour and others.
We provide well trained personnel and camping and mountaineering equipment of recognized brands, special for temperatures that fall below zero, always keeping on mind your expectations, we guarantee an unforgettable travel full of satisfactions.