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Cedros - Alpamayo


Alpamayo mountain Cedros trekAlpamayo 5947m mountain is considered “The most beautiful mountain range in the world”, title that won in a contest carried out in 1969, Munich, Germany. The main goal of trekkers is to see Alpamayo’s pyramid shape, also we see other peaks, beautiful lakes and the traditions of the communities located in this part of the Cordillera Blanca.

Timing: 10 days
Highest point: 4850m (Huaypapachakin pass)
Rating: Moderate

Tour type: Trekking
Service: Private and all included


Day 1:  Huaraz 3100m – Hualcayan (3140m) – Huiscash (4050m)

Day 2: Huiscash – Huaypapachaquin (4860m) - Osoruri ((4650m)

Day 3: Osoruri – Vientonan  (4750m) - Jancarurish (4200m)

Day 4: Jancarurish – Cara Cara (4830m) - Huillca (4600m)

Day 5: Huillca – Yanacon (4600m) – Jancapampa (4200m)

Day 6: Resting day

Day 7: Jancapampa - Tupatupa (4360 m) - Huecrocoha (3800m)

Day 8: Huecrocoha - Pucajirca (4640m) –Tuctupampa (3800m)

Day 9: Tuctupampa -Punta Unión (4750m)- Taullipampa (4250m)

Day 10: Taullipanpa - Llamacorral (3760m)

Day 11: Llamacorral - Cashpampa (2900m)- Huaraz


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