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Huascaran mountain


Huascaran is the highest tropical peak in the world, as well as the highest peak of Cordillera Blanca and Peru. The 6768m of its south peak attracts hundreds of climbers around the world, with the only one  goal to get its summit. After of a good acclimatization and an appropriate logistic support you will ready to achieve your dreams.

Timing: 06 days
Rating: Very strenuous

Highest point: 6768m

Tour type: Climbing
Service: Private and all included



Day 1: Huaraz (3100m) - Musho (3200m) - Basecamp (4200m)

Day 2: Base camp (4200m) - Camp I (5300m)

Day 3: Camp I (5300m) – Camp II (6000m)

Day 4: Camp II - Huascaran Summit (6736m) -  Moraine camp (4900m)

Day 5: Moraine camp - Base camp

Day 7: Base camp - Musho - Huaraz.



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