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Huayhuash circuit


Siula Grande and Jurao lakeThis is one of the ten top trekking circuits in the world, only overcame by the circuits located in Himalaya, this mountain range also is known as “the hidden treasure of the Andes”, visiting this impressive mountain range you will travel one of the most important places in the Andes, places such as: Yerupaja 6634m, the second highest peak of Peru, Siula Grande, mountain where took place one of the most amazing stories related to mountaineering “Touching the void”, written by Joe Simpsons. Also there are tents of snow covered peaks   that overcome 5000 msasl, and great diversity of flora and fauna.


Timing: 12 days

Highest point: 5000m (Cuyoc pass)
Rating: Moderate - Strenuous

Tour type: Trekking
Service: Private and all included



Day 1: Huaraz – Cuartelwain (4080m)


Day 2: Cuartewain – Mitucocha lake (4230m)

Day 3: Mitucocha lake – Carhuacocha lake (4138m)

Day 4: Carhuacocha Lake – Huayhuash 4300m

Day 5: Huayhuash – Viconga hot springs (4430m)

Day 6: Viconga hot springs – Huanacpatay (4300m)

Day 7: Huanacpatay – Juraru lake (4200m)

Day 9: Jurau lake – Huatiac (4500m)

Day 10: Huatiac – Angush corral (4550m)

Day 11: Angush corral – Jahuacocha lake (4066m)

Day 12: Jahuacocha lake – Huaraz


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