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Urus, Ishinca and Tocllaraju mountains


A group of snow covered peaks are located relatively near among them, the mountains can be climbed using the same base camp, Urus 5945m and Ishinca 5530m, are peaks generally used for acclimatization, to after climb a 6000m mountain as Tocllaraju 6032m, from the summit of this mountain can be see many mountain of Cordillera Blanca.

Timing: 07 days
Rating: Strenuous

Highest point: 6032m

Tour type: Climbing
Service: Private and all included



Day 1: Huaraz (3100m) - Ishinca base camp( 4350m)

Day 2: Base camp – Urus summit (5495m) – Base camp

Day 3: Base camp  – Ishinca summit (5530m)

Day 4: Base camp, resting day

Day 5: Base camp – Camp I (5250m)

Day 6: Camp I – Tocllaraju summit (6032m) -  Base camp

Day 7: Base camp - Huaraz


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